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ethanol fireplace

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Uniquely designed fireplace

Vauni Globe is a flueless designed fireplace that combines tradition with classic form in a modern interpretation. The model is free-standing with a foot that can be turned 360 degrees for optimum viewing angle and flexibility.

Flueless environment-friendly technology

Globe is equipped with the market’s most safe and efficient ethanol burner, which burns completely without smoke,soot or ash. It gives a lovely warmth and has adjustable heating effect and flame size. The insert around the ethanol burner is available in two exclusive versions: cast iron with a matt finish, and superbly polished black granite. This mobile fireplace is designed to invite togetherness and inspiration. Its design is beautiful to the eye, both with and without a fire burning.

Unique features include:

  • The world’s only sphere-shaped biofueled fireplace.
  • No flue or installation required, design control adjusts heat & flame size.
  • Available in 3 versions: black globe with cast iron or granite liner; white globe only available with granite liner
  • Sphere available in black or white matt finish.
  • Optional high foot.
  • Can be turned 360 degrees.
  • Burner with absorbing function for unprecedented safety.
  • Liner in cast iron black or exclusive polished black granite.
  • Like a sculpture even when unlit.

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Vauni ECO-FLAME bio-ethanol for chimney-free fireplaces and burner kits.

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Globe Interior images

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globe_black.jpg globe_interior_04 globe_interior_06
globe_white.jpg globe_white_low.jpg globe_white_stand.jpg
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Globe Illustrations

globe_ci_close_black globe_stone_close_black globe_stone_close_white

Cast iron black


Granite black


Granite white

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A series of film sequences has been developed to show how Vauni’s products are experienced in reality.